Club President's Message
It is an honour for me to assume the presidency of this great club with all of its outstanding work both at home and abroad.
Locally, our community has benefited greatly throughout the years from Rotary’s hard work and generosity with the popular Rotary Trail, our beautiful Beach Enhancement and most recently the well- received Rotary Community Stage, along with their many other projects and charitable donations.
Internationally our club has been involved in the crème de la crème of service activity with its Global Literacy Program which has thus far sent over 80 containers of school and medical equipment to underdeveloped countries and especially to South Africa.
None of this could be accomplished without the total commitment of our members to our main annual fundraising project Autumn Indulgence. It not only provides the much needed funding for our projects and programs, it offers the very popular and fun filled “social event of the year”, and generates a special “esprit de corps” amongst members that permeates the entire community.  
Early this summer, along with a dozen or more of our club members, I had the joy of experiencing the annual Rotary International Convention held in Toronto. 35000 Rotarians and partners from around the world attended this outstanding event and were treated to the time of their life! Most of all it  gave us a better understanding of the enormity of Rotary with its 1.2 million members , and the incredible work that it does around the world. It entertained us, it educated us, and it inspired us to do what we can do in whatever way we can, to make our world a better place. It reminded us that we can’t change the world on our own, but that the cumulative effect of each small gesture can do amazing things.
I once heard a description of leadership as finding a parade and jumping in front of it. Well I’ve found my Parade and it’s the best Parade in the world! It’s the Rotary Club of Grand Bend , and I am sure the we will continue to make a difference and “be an inspiration”!
Ed Fluter,
Club President 2018-2019