President's Message (2024-2025)

Suzanne Davidson

I am honoured to take on the position of President of such a vibrant, welcoming and active club. I’m also a bit nervous about trying to fill the very big shoes of now Past President Kerry. As you know, Kerry led us in an amazing year of accomplishments.

The Theme of Rotary International this year is “The Magic of Rotary”. In every corner of the globe, Rotary brings the magic of hope, compassion, and change. With each project, each act of kindness, we unleash the power of Rotary to create lasting impact and transform lives.

But as we know, magic is not waving a wand, but is the result of hard work, excellent planning, skill and determination. And those qualities sum up

This is the point where I’m supposed to talk about my goals as President of the club. Mostly we’ll want to continue on the path that Kerry and his predecessors have laid out: promotion of the Community Centre, support of the Warner Preserve, emphasizing protection and improvement of our environment, serving our community and continuing our international work.
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Basic Education and Literacy

September is "Basic Education and Literacy" month across the Rotary world.
Because of generous Rotarians, in the last Rotary Year, The Rotary Foundation provided nearly $6M to fund over 100 global grants addressing this critical area of focus. While more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate (roughly 17 percent of the world’s adult population), Rotarians around the world are finding innovative ways to expand access to education, to improve teaching methods, and to provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities at schools. 
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Warner Wildlife and Nature Preserve

At the Grand Bend Rotary Autumn Indulgence event held on Saturday, October 1 2022, President-Elect Kerry Teskey announced an extraordinary gift to the community from Peter and Esther Warner. Peter, a charter member of the Rotary Club, has served the Grand Bend community in many ways, including his role in founding the Rotary Trail. On receiving a standing ovation after the President-Elect’s announcement, Peter admits to feeling humbled by the response and outpouring of support for the project.
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Free Reading Program

The Free Reading program is designed to support literacy by providing proven tools which will build your child’s reading skills outside the classroom. The Rotary Club of Grand bend is pleased to be able to make these valuable tools available to anyone without cost or obligation. We welcome your comments and encourage you to share the link with relatives friends and neighbours.
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