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President's Message

President's Message - Susan Moore

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Last year when I accepted the gavel from President Robert Beath, I said NEVER did I imagine becoming President of the Rotary Club of Grand Bend during a world-wide pandemic that shut down the commerce of our country and shut us up in our homes for days on end.
Yet, here we are, one year later, still virtually gathered together, just recently released from a “stay at home” order that lasted for months and still legally only able to gather in small groups of 10, outdoors. Thankfully, for service clubs like ours and even more importantly, businesses, the numbers that can gather together will change to 25, outdoors tomorrow. 
I know all you are looking forward to having an in person social time, together very soon.
As I take on the role of President for one more year, I am optimistic that we will soon be able to have our club meetings together in person. How exciting it will be to actually see your smiling faces directly before me at a club meeting! But, maybe I should be careful of what I wish for, because when you all start talking at once, I will not be able to ask Martin to put you on mute!!!
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Portapique Build Up +

At our club meeting on August 17 we were inspired by the actions of the Truro, Nova Scotia with a presentation by Alana Hirtle. Here's a recording of the story of the build up project for the community of Portapique, NS that was ravaged by a traumatic mass-murder.
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Thank You Sponsors and Supporters

Since inception, the Rotary Club of Grand Bend has contributed well over $1,200,000 to local community projects as well as to international initiatives. Over the past 11 years alone, over $600,000 was raised through the local annual Autumn Indulgence fundraisers.  
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Habitat For Humanity - Kettle and Stony Point

The Rotary Club of Grand Bend is a proud sponsor of the Habitat For Humanity build in Kettle and Stony Point.
On October 16 our club had the opportunity to actively participate in the - adding siding to one of the 4 homes being built.
Click the 'Read More' link for more photos ....
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