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Welcome New Member Tony Roy

imageWe welcomed business consultant Tony Roy at our January 9th meeting.
We look forward to getting to know you, Tony and look forward to your contribution to our club.
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Christmas Message - 2023

(from our Club President - Kerry Teskey)

Happy Holidays everyone.

The arrival of December always brings about a certain feeling that is unique to this time of year. There is the joy and anticipation of coming together with friends and family. It’s a time when we can look back at the year that has passed and reflect on all that has changed, and what was accomplished. And it is a time of  renewal as we get ready to turn over the calendar to a new year - and the sense of optimism that comes with it.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of our club during this past year. Our members have certainly been productive. Some of those accomplishments include the following:

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Meeting - November 21 2023

The club enjoyed an off-site meeting at Haskett Funeral Home in Exeter. Our host and speaker for the evening was Colin Haskett - a fifth-generation funeral director who leads a family-owned company with a 140 year history. Colin presented a stimulating discussion about what happens after a death.
Among his words of advice:
  • Make it clear to your family who makes decisions about your funeral.
  • If you have questions, any funeral home will provide information free of charge.
  • If you travel, consider purchasing insurance to cover the cost of returning a body – it can be a costly process from many locations.
  • When someone dies while traveling, contact your local funeral provider for help with the arrangements.
  • Give some thought to your preferences for a funeral and communicate them with your family.
  • But don’t handcuff them – remember that you won’t be there!
  • Think outside the box, like the gentleman who attended his own funeral, nine days before he died.
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Meeting - November 7 2023

Rotary's theme for the month of November is "The Rotary Foundation". In recognition of that theme, Pat Cavan, District 6330 Grants Committee Chair, spoke to the club about the Rotary Foundation.
  • Among her comments:
    • Rotary has had an impact in the world, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, and helping to raise more people out of extreme poverty.
    • The vision: Together people create change
    • Money donated to the Foundation is invested for three years, so that the interest earned can offset the cost of administration. As a result, Rotary has a high charitable rating – more than 90% of donations go directly to projects.
    • Individual clubs have input on how the district grants are made.
    • The Area Five global grant for 2024 will go to a water project in the mountains of Guatemala.
    • Last year 43% of members of the Grand Bend club gave to the Foundation, with seven qualifying for membership in the Paul Harris Society. A total of $35,630 was donated.
    • The “Every Rotarian Every Year” program requires that clubs gives at least US$100 per member each year, and each member gives at least US$25 per year.
Pat also presented two club awards. The Club ranked third in the district for per capita giving, and also received an award for participation in Polio Now. 
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Meeting - October 17 2023

Our speaker was Anne Duffield who recently completed a Mental Health First Aid course and shared her learning with our club members.
Among the important information that Joan shared:
  • Mental health is a chemical imbalance in the brain—an illness like others.
  • We all have highs and lows within a “window of tolerance” – people with mental health issues are unable to get back to the centre.
  • Mental health issues include depression, addiction, mood disorders, anxiety disorder and panic attacks, suicidal ideation, psychoses.
  • Every year, one in 4 people struggles with mental health issues. Across a lifetime, it’s 1 in 2.
  • 30% of short and long-term disability is related to mental health issues
  • 4000 Canadians die by suicide every year
  • Mental health treatment is a puzzle that includes meds, counselling, support groups, life changes and more.
  • People learn to manage their illness, much as someone with diabetes does.
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    Meeting - October 3 2023

    Our meeting on October 3rd began with an interesting tour of G & L Family Farms in Grand Bend.
    The farm specializes in growing onion sets and seed garlic for the retail market throughout Canada and the United States.
    Following the farm visit we gathered at the Lake Hound restaurant for a brief business meeting and a dinner. Our meeting was highlighted by the induction of our newest member Suzanne de Jong.
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    Basic Education and Literacy

    September is "Basic Education and Literacy" month across the Rotary world.
    Because of generous Rotarians, in the last Rotary Year, The Rotary Foundation provided nearly $6M to fund over 100 global grants addressing this critical area of focus. While more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate (roughly 17 percent of the world’s adult population), Rotarians around the world are finding innovative ways to expand access to education, to improve teaching methods, and to provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities at schools. 
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    Meeting - September 19 2023

    Our speaker was Carolyn Harrick, a member of the Rotary Club of Hout Bay, South Africa (a suburb of Cape Town).
    Carolyn and her husband John spend part of the year in their home in Stratford, Ontario and the rest of the year in their home in Hout Bay, South Africa. She introduced our club to the Hout Bay club's vision project about a year ago and our club responded by supporting the grade 5 segment of that project.
    The vision project began in 2019 with screening in grades 1 and 7 and serving more than 950 students. It has now expanded to include grades 5, 9 and 11 and serves approximately 1900 students. Funding for the project comes from various sources including Rotary clubs and districts and individual donors. Carolyn also outlined a crowdfunding initiative that raised over $5,000. Our club supported the project for grade 5 students last year.
    The business portion of our meeting was devoted to Autumn Indulgence (our major annual fundraiser) schedule for Saturday, September 23, 2023. Looks like we are well positioned to welcome our guests!
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    Meeting - September 5 2023

    President Kerry noted that during our club social (the corn roast) the following motion was moved and seconded:
    - that he Rotary Club of Grand Bend grant $20,000 to the Grand Bend Art Centre to support the purchase of lighting for Paint Ontario. Carried.
    Flora McKellar was inducted as a new member. Welcome, Flora, we’re delighted you’re joining us!
    Saverio reported that November is Foundation Month and noted that in addition to Paul Harris Fellows (US$1000 cumulative giving), the Paul Harris Society recognizes giving of US$1000 every year. The Polio Plus Society recognizes donors of US$100 per year. Click here to register as a Polio Plus Society member.
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    Meeting - August 15, 2023

    Board meeting with District Governor
    Prior to the full member meeting, the Board met with District Governor Sonja Glass, and shared some of the Club’s activities and achievements. They included the Warner Preserve, Global Literacy, Autumn Indulgence, and in the future, support for a proposed community centre. Randi noted that there will soon be 19 female members, and a total of 57 members.
    Member Meeting
    • Sonja gave a fascinating presentation about her life in international service and as a Rotarian. Among the highlights:
      • She and her husband Dave moved to Meaford in 1987 and Dave was immediately asked to join Rotary, but the timing wasn’t right.
      • In 1994 they were asked to become host parents to Rotary exchange students, and subsequently hosted students from Belgium, Finland, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Denmark.
      • In 2016, Sonja was invited to become a member, and she and Dave joined as a couple. They involved the club in supporting the work in Tanzania.
      • Dr. Gordon McInally, Rotary International President, has chosen as his theme for the year, “Create Hope in the World.”
      • Many Rotary clubs struggled during and after Covid and are making changes to where and how often they meet, what activities they are doing, how to reduce costs for members, and how best to onboard members.
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    Meeting - August 1 2023

    Canada Foodgrains Bank

    At this week's meeting we heard from Henry Reinders, Ontario Regional Representative, Canada Foodgrains Bank. 
    • The organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary
    • It is a partnership of 15 church and church-based agencies representing nearly 30 Christian denominations and more than 12,000 individual congregations across Canada
    • The mission: Working to end global hunger
    • It began in the 1970s when the Mennonite Central Committee began shipping surplus grain overseas. The Canadian government got involved, and in 1983 the 15 member organizations came together.
    • Initially CFB shipped grain overseas to Africa; now it buys grain locally or in neighboring countries, creating a market for farmers and jobs.

    Adventure in Citizenship in Ottawa

    Celia Ciufo was selected to attend the Adventure in Citizenship program in Ottawa this year. Celia gave a lively presentation about the event, saying she was very grateful for the “amazing opportunity” and benefited from interesting new perspectives.
    Among the activities were visits to Parliament, the Canadian War Museum, and the Canadian History Museum, and attendance at a citizenship ceremony.
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    President's Message 2023-2024

    President's Message - Kerry Teskey (2023-2024)

    Hello friends, fellow leaders and problem solvers.

    I am delighted to accept the role as President of this great volunteer organization. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. 
    I’m grateful to be a member of this club, and to be able to feel the warmth and compassion that we that we have for each other. We are a family with diverse backgrounds and interests that come together to make good things happen. There is a tremendous feeling about being part of something that is bigger than yourself, and that connection you feel when helping someone, or perhaps being
    the recipient of someone else’s help.

    As a fellow volunteer, it is my goal to harness the tremendous energy, skills and compassion that is in this club. Rotary is about Service Above Self and we call ourselves “People of Action” for good reason. Some of us in the club may be getting older, but we are certainly not obsolete. And though some people put their focus on being happy, I think most Rotarians believe that happiness is merely a byproduct of usefulness. Thus, I see our purpose as a club is to be Useful, and to be Honourable and Compassionate.
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    Warner Wildlife and Nature Preserve

    At the Grand Bend Rotary Autumn Indulgence event held on Saturday, October 1 2022, President-Elect Kerry Teskey announced an extraordinary gift to the community from Peter and Esther Warner. Peter, a charter member of the Rotary Club, has served the Grand Bend community in many ways, including his role in founding the Rotary Trail. On receiving a standing ovation after the President-Elect’s announcement, Peter admits to feeling humbled by the response and outpouring of support for the project.
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    Habitat For Humanity - Kettle and Stony Point

    The Rotary Club of Grand Bend is a proud sponsor of the Habitat For Humanity build in Kettle and Stony Point.
    On October 16 our club had the opportunity to actively participate in the - adding siding to one of the 4 homes being built.
    Click the 'Read More' link for more photos ....
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    Help Fight Climate Change - Plant Trees 2019-10-12 04:00:00Z 0

    Free Reading Program

    The Free Reading program is designed to support literacy by providing proven tools which will build your child’s reading skills outside the classroom. The Rotary Club of Grand bend is pleased to be able to make these valuable tools available to anyone without cost or obligation. We welcome your comments and encourage you to share the link with relatives friends and neighbours.
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